Baby Pants Unisex 15+ kg No6

Walk and run free! None can catch you!

Your little baby has started walking properly... He/she plays and runs happily... He/she enjoys this absolute sense of freedom and he/she feels like nothing in the world can stop he/she.

Babylino Pants contribute to this sense of freedom. Thin, certified skin friendly, super absorbent and with a new 'all around elastic' technology that offers 360o elasticity around the waist and legs. They uniquely embrace baby's body in every move holding the pant firmly in place even if heavily soiled, without hanging.


Available also in value pack
Πάνα Βρακάκι 15+ kg No6 - Available also in value pack

Swings, slides, small cars and balls are what it needs now... Your baby runs, plays, climbs... It is going out of the house and discovers nature, which it very much enjoys!