Babylino Pants Unisex 7-13 kg No4

You are not a baby any more !!!

Your little one is growing. Every day it conquers something new. It is not a baby any more… it is a little boy or a little girl, it has its own opinions, it can choose what it likes. At this development phase, it is important to encourage its independence.

The Babylino Pants will be your best ally !!!

They will provide him with everything he needs for his physical as well as emotional development. Thanks to the certified skin friendliness, excellent absorbency and new 'all around elastic' technology, that offers 360ο elasticity around the waist and legs, they uniquely embrace the baby's body in every movement holding the diaper firmly in place, without hanging.

Meanwhile, they turn the diaper change into a joyful procedure. You no longer have to press pause at the adventure in order to lie your kid down, since they go up and down like a normal kid’s underwear and the diaper change can be done while your little one is on its feet. 

Available also in value pack
Πάνα Βρακάκι 7-13 kg No4 - Available also in value pack

Toys that will help it at this stage are... baby walkers, wheels that it can hold and walk, walking animals with moving tails and soft colourful balls that will not stay in the same place even for one minute.