Babylino Pants Unisex 17+ kg No7

Your energy does not stop, you are ready to conquer the world!

Not a baby anymore, but a little kid. You see him/her every day going up stairs, running, jumping and climbing. By the end of the year, he/she can ride a bike with auxiliary wheels and balance on one leg for several seconds.

His/her physical strength is increased and his movements are coordinated with relative ease and his/her best ally is Babylino Sensitive Pants. Thin, certified skin friendly, super absorbent with a new 'all around elastic' technology that offers 360o elasticity around the waist and legs. They uniquely embrace baby's body in every move holding the pant firmly in place even if heavily soiled, without hanging.

Available also in value pack
Πάνα Βρακάκι 17+ kg No7 - Available also in value pack

Are you sparthing for a game that helps your child expand his/her alertness, reflexes and have a lot of fun at the same time?

Play with your little a game much loved both by children and adults. Listen to songs and dance to the rhythm ... then suddenly stop the music. At that point the child should “freeze” his/her movements and remain still like a “statue”.