Bedpads 90x60 cm.

Babylino Sensitive bedpads offer the hygienic protection you need for changing the diapers of your baby, wherever you are. They are suitable for use inside and outside the house, the diaper-changing table, the crib, in the car and on the couch.

They are designed to offer leakage protection, thanks to their Extra Large absorbent surface and hygiene at every diaper change, wherever you are.

Their waterproof backsheet effectively protects from leaks.


Learn more about the quality and safety of Babylino Sensitive.   

Babylino Sensitive products aim to create positive environmental impact. 100% green energy is used for their production. Moreover, MEGA received the international certification Zero Waste to Landfill at “Gold” level, as in 2020 its production unit achieved 99% recycling and Energy Recovery. In 100% recyclable packaging. No animal testing. 

Soft fabric toys generating sounds will become its favourites during this period of its life! Also, you will very soon discover that it enjoys seeing its reflection in the mirror... Adjust on one side of your baby's crib a large piece of unbreakable mirror and give it the incentive to start discovering itself!

    Change Mats 60x82 cm. | Babylino


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