1-2 years old

Giannis Chrysou
Clinical Dietitian
Head of Nutrition Department - for outpatients - at Euroclinic Children's Hospital General Secretary of Hellenic Nutrition Institute
Σπιτική πίτσα μαργαρίτα
Definitely, this is everyone's favourite. However, the first time you serve this pizza to your child it may not be delighted. Yet, if this is a home-made pizza with pure ingredients, then it will certainly love it. It is a complete meal and can be enjoyed at home or on an excursion.
Ομελέτα με τυρί και λαχανικά
Eggs have a very high nutritional value. They contain protein of high biological value, iron and other micro-nutrients. Many children do not prefer eggs in their boiled version. Omelettes as an option can also allow the consumption of vegetables. So include this option in your menus, to enhance...
Κοτόσουπα αυγολέμονο
Many call this dish a “cure-all”, either because they used to eat it when they were sick, or because it really made them feel better. It is a full meal that can contribute in the nourishment of a body without upsetting the stomach as it is easily digested. With the vegetables and chicken chopped,...
Μπιφτέκια από φακές
This is a recipe children love. Often, they may not even know they are made with lentils. But it is advisable, if they do not hate them, to inform them about your choices and to learn that there is not only one way of eat a each food. From the nutritional point of view, lentils are a source of iron...
Τραχανάς με γάλα και φέτα
This is a dish we all have tried in our childhood. Many people have not consumed it for more than two or three decades. But now it's time to prepare it again for your children. It is a traditional and highly nutritious meal. You do not need to grind it, since there is no risk of choking, while, at...
The main ingredient of this dish is spinach, Popeye's favourite! It is the source of Popeye's power. Spinach is a green leafy vegetable, rich in calcium, iron, natural fibres and vitamins of B and K complex. Combined with rice, it is a traditional vegetable casserole ideal for a child after its...
Σούπα με λαχανικά και ζυμαρικά ή κριθαράκι
A soup with well-cooked vegetables is a good way to introduce a baby eating processed foods to foods that require a little chewing, but without posing any risk of choking. Indeed vegetables cooked in chicken broth, can provide a significant amount of protein, extracted to the broth as the chicken...
Παγωμένο γιαούρτι με φρούτα
Sweets are a favourite for all ages. Whether as a dessert or as a snack, this recipe can be a solution to cravings, while providing nourishment. Milk and yoghurt will cover the needs for calcium, while fruits offer a significant amount of micronutrients and especially water soluble vitamins.
Μπιφτέκια με λαχανικά για παιδιά
Burgers are yet another red meat option. Yet, they do have a particularity. They can be your Trojan Horse for the introduction of vegetables in the “castle” of children, without them ever knowing. Try adding enough vegetables and you will see that they will be a very pleasant meal for children...
Γιουβαρλάκια αυγολέμονο
It is very pleasant winter dish and a favourite among children. It's soft without being pureed. It consists of various foods and can be considered a full dish as it contains foods from all basic food groups. The only group that is left out is that of vegetables that are represented only by carrots...
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