2-4 years old

Giannis Chrysou
Clinical Dietitian
Head of Nutrition Department - for outpatients - at Euroclinic Children's Hospital General Secretary of Hellenic Nutrition Institute
Cheeseburger με λαχανικά
Children often refuse to eat meat. But you can convince them without coming into conflict or creating reactions. This proposal may also be a good way for the parallel consumption of vegetables added to the burger dough.
Υγιεινή καρμπονάρα με κοφτό μακαρονάκι
Pasta is a favourite for most children. However, they usually their pasta plain. Nevertheless, if you mix their pasta with milk, cheese and a little turkey ham, then the result is very much enjoyed by young children. At the same time, it is a complete meal full of energy, high biological-value...
Τραγανά φιλέτα ψαριού
Clearly, fish is not a children's favourite. However, it must be consumed 1-2 times per week. In our effort to find recipes enjoyed by children, crispy fillets are a solution everyone will enjoy.
Παιδικό σουβλάκι τυλιχτό με κοτόπουλο
Another meal that you can make on your own using raw ingredients of your choice. It is low in animal fat, rich in protein and contains vegetables and calcium. That is, everything a child needs as a snack or dinner.
Παιδική και γρήγορη τυρόπιτα
Cheese pie is packed with calcium. It is, therefore, suitable for children, either as a meal or snack. However, as it also contains a significant amount of animal fat, you should not make it very often. It is also a source of polyunsaturated fats, thanks to sesame.
Παιδικές τηγανίτες με μέλι ή μαρμελάδα
They are used as a kids' meal in many parts of Greece. In Crete they are also called “Koutalites”. My children, Peter, George and Olivia, have loved them as few meals and their grandmother Niki, cooks them regularly for them. They prefer them as breakfast or snack. These pancakes provide energy in...
Κέικ με ελαιόλαδο και πορτοκάλι
Cakes are a favourite for children and yet another snack solution that they must have with them in nurseries and at school a few years later. Cakes may be a solution but they contain enough butter or margarine in most of its versions. The solution I am suggesting you is to make it with olive oil...
Κανελόνια με σπανάκι και τυρί κρέμα
This is a dish all children love. It combines pasta for energy, milk and cheese for calcium, and spinach for iron.
Γρήγορη Πίτσα σε πίτα από σουβλάκι
This meal can be an ideal and quick option for an afternoon snack or even a meal. You can add any flavour you and your child prefer.
Γρανίτα παγωτό για όλο τον χρόνο
Ice cream is a favourite for most children. Make this home-made version, without fat and based at the purest ingredients, fruits and honey! Of course, summer fruits provide better results both in flavour and colour.
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