6-12 months

Giannis Chrysou
Clinical Dietitian
Head of Nutrition Department - for outpatients - at Euroclinic Children's Hospital General Secretary of Hellenic Nutrition Institute
Ψάρι με πατάτα και λαχανικά
Adequate intake of omega-3 fatty acids is essential from infancy. However, for some the use of fish in the weekly diet of a baby is prohibitive. The main cause for this is a possible allergic reaction. In fact, you must add fish gradually after the 6th month. It is the best source of omega-3 fatty...
Συνταγές με βρώμη
Oats are a food that, regardless of its shape, reaches consumers with the minimum possible processing. Oats are always whole grain, which means that they retain all the vitamins and minerals they contain. Moreover, oats have low gluten content thus reducing the risk of gluten intolerance. Most...
Σπαγγέτι “Bolognaise”
It is a dish that is suitable not just for babies but for the whole family. Simply keep the baby's on the side before adding spices and stronger flavours. However, you may prepare the dish exclusively for the baby, easily and quickly. Prefer organic mince.
Πουρές λαχανικών με αμύγδαλα
Vegetable meals are a very good source of micronutrients, while, at the same time, they can be a pleasant break from animal foods in the infant's diet. Their only disadvantage is their low content of protein, iron and polyunsaturated fatty acids. These can be compensated by almonds. However, be...
Πουρές από ρύζι και φακές
Lentils are a vegetable protein source. At the same time, they provide significant quantities of soluble natural fibres, which improve bowel movement in children suffering from constipation. Furthermore, they are a good solution for the days when you cannot include meat or fish in the infant's diet...
Μοσχάρι με λαχανικά – 2 μερίδες
A meal rich in iron, B vitamins, energy and natural fibres. For easier digestion, choose a low-fat piece of beef.
Κοτόπουλο κοκκινιστό με κολοκύθι και ζυμαρικά
Chicken is a good alternative to red meat. It provides protein of similar quality and iron in a slightly smaller quantity. It also provides much smaller amounts of animal fat. You must know that the chicken legs has a little bit more fats and is an intermediate solution. Chicken breast has less fat...
Γιαούρτι με μήλο
This recipe combines yoghurt, a good source of calcium, with stewed apple which offers a variety of vitamins and a pleasant and naturally sweet taste. It can be used in the early stages of the child's introduction to solid foods.
Αυγό με τομάτα
You will have often read or heard that eggs must be introduced in the diet of infants after the first year of their life, due to its allergenic action. In fact, its introduction at a younger age allows the body to adjust and reduces the risk of allergic reactions in life later. Of course, if you...
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