Star signs for babies

What do the starts say about the signs of children

According to the date and the Sun's position when your little angel is born, it will have one of the 12 star signs. See what the stars say about its future and its character.

Aries (21/03 - 20/04)

The Aries child is very lively and full of energy. It can be autonomous from a very young age. It is noted for its determination and independence. It wants to be in constant motion. This is why it is very often prone to minor accidents. As it wants to be the centre of attention from a very young age, it is strongly competitive. At this point, its parents need to help children who are born under the sign of Aries to slowly build their autonomy, without being overprotective.

Taurus (21/04 - 20/05)

Despite its young age, the Taurus child is realistic, calm and very sensitive. It seeks security around it from a very young age. It is scared by intense environmental changes and tensions. It reacts and thinks at a relative slow pace. It is sometimes stubborn and does not easily change its mind about something. The warmth of the family plays an important role in its good mood. It is a child that asks for dialogue and explanations for everything. As the Taurus child is usually patient and methodical, it does not accept coercion. Providing affection and warmth is one of the ways to awaken the pride of the little Taurus child.

Gemini (21/05 - 21/06)

It is a very intelligent and communicative child. From a very young age, it needs many stimuli to exercise its mind. It is very curious. It wants to learn everything and asks a lot of questions. It wants to deal with many things at the same time. It finds it difficult to concentrate on one thing. It is a very social and outgoing child. It needs a lot of sleep in order to relax its nervous tension. Its parents have to let it experiment. Excursions and trips can provide an outlet for its imagination. Books will adsorb its attention from a very young age. However, books should function as a tool to teach it to be patient for something it wants. It should learn to channel its restless nature creatively and not erratically.

Cancer (22/06 - 22/07)

It is sensitive and romantic and finds ways to draw your attention by frequently complaining and crying. It must earn your trust and feel safe. As they are scared of mockery and rejection, they should be encouraged and rewarded. The safety its mother's presence and affection provides the little Cancer plays a very important role in its adulthood. These children are very attached to their family and find it difficult to feel close to other people outside their small family society. Therefore, they must gradually learn to trust themselves, so as to eliminate their general mistrust As little Cancers sometimes play the victim, you should prevent your child from playing such a role.

Leo (23/07 - 23/08)

It is a child that wants, from very early on, to impose itself with its presence and to become the centre of attention. It is creative, artistic and sensual and wants to stand out, even in the way it dresses. It is proud and loving and creates groups around it that follow and respect it. Moderation is something that should be taught by its parents, but without offending it. Its generous nature leads to overspending and the careful use of money is something you should teach your child. Self-confident children, who will not easily accept a second place. Therefore, you should teach them that even some failures are life lessons and experiences. Flattery and diplomacy have very positive effects on how a little Leo will listen to your advice.

Virgo (24/08 - 22/09)

A very organized and practical child. It is interested in order and cleanliness. Many times, it wants to be perfect so as not to be criticised. From a very young age, it needs to learn life as it is and not to wait for everything to be perfect. It is very observant. It has a great intellectual ability. It is adaptive and learns quickly. It should not be encouraged to criticize but to improve itself by observing what it does not like in others. The little Virgo needs patience and proof for everything. Its self-esteem needs boosting, as it always strives for perfection, which is impossible. Although it is shy and thinks long before doing something, sometimes it may be difficult to understand it. Its anxiety for everything to be in order coincides with its need to confirm that you are very happy with what it is.

Libra (23/09 - 22/10)

It loves balance and harmony. Feeling safe, it can show its best side. It is always cheerful and social. Its need for companionship means it should be taught restraint, willpower and perseverance. It is easy for a Libra child to blame others. It must, thus, learn to gain confidence and to be in touch with its own needs. Thus, it will not be easily influenced and will have its own opinion.

Scorpio (23/10 - 22/11)

It is a sensitive and intuitive child. It is challenging and possessive. It needs encouragement to show its feelings. It is dedicated to whatever it chooses and it passionately supports what it wants. Secretive children that want to hide their private life well and, thus, their parents should earn their trust through patience and flexibility. Their ultimate way of communication makes it, sometimes, difficult for its parents. They loathe insults and violence. As the child Scorpio senses more than you think, you should not bind it but should boost its autonomy.

Sagittarius (23/11 - 21/12)

It is generous, optimistic, and social. It loves travelling. It likes to feel independent from commitments and to set small goals. It loves life experiences and explores whatever intrigues it. It tends to exaggerate. It wastes money or sees with exaggerated optimism anything it wants to achieve. Its lack of control with drinks and food may turn against it some times. It should be taught about deliberation. It should learn to think before reaching a decision and to be more patient. It should be taught order by its parents when it is still very young.

Capricorn (22/12 - 19/01)

It is very mature from a very young age, serious and disciplined. It is reliable and patient, it tries to control its behaviour and not to express its sensitive side. What we need to cultivate in this little Capricorn is to teach it be able to trust others and ask for their help when it needs it. Moreover, through recognition and respect, we need to help it not be afraid to express its feelings. Because it is a very quiet and stable child in whatever it does, we may believe that it does not need its parents. Let's not forget that although the little Capricorn never asks for help, it definitely needs affection and tenderness to grow, even though it shows us the opposite.

Aquarius (20/01 - 19/02)

It is a child with a free spirit. It seeks its own way from a very young age. It seeks a path that is different from other children. It wants to be itself, choosing its own style. It is not bound by family and institutions. It has many hobbies and it is very social. The Aquarius child should be taught self-control. It must learn to compromise and to accept the opinions of others less stroppily. They get easily bored of routine and you should continuously renew their interests with new stimuli. Because it is an unpredictable child, you should be close to it without making it feel oppressed. With a friendly relationship, you will be able to observe its pace and anxieties.

Pisces (20/02 - 20/03)

It feels more and thinks less. It is polite and matures later than other children. Its parents should reinforce its will and diligence from the early school years. They should respect the personal moments of its intense imagination. It is quite a manipulative child. It will get its way with tears and sad faces. If you respond to this method, it will get used to it and as adult it will try to find indirect methods to achieve its goal. The things you should teach it include being able to express its opinion and asking for what it wants without fear. Another thing it should learn is not to be easily impressed. All that glitters is not gold. This certainly will serve it for the rest of its life, provided that you will teach it judging correctly.
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