„Ritualuri” de toaletă pentru nou-născuți - Κεντρική Εικόνα
It is interesting to observe the way we handle the biological needs of our babies as new parents. How much anxiety the first weeks of their life harbor for us, when it comes to the number of diapers our babies need during the day. We are also interested in what color and shape their pee and poo had.
Your baby will grow so fast, you won't believe it!
Κόψιμο νυχιών
Baby nails grow very quickly and can be quite sharp.
Το κλάμα του μωρού
When your baby cries, you will feel sad and panicky. But you should remember that crying is the only way your baby can communicate in its first months of life!
During the first month of its life, your baby will sleep most of the day. However, from the beginning of the second month it will start being awake for longer periods in the day. Meals will gradually become less and perhaps it will start skipping its night meal to sleep more hours in the night.
Infant massage is an ancient practice, practised in countries of Africa and Asia. It will strengthen your relationship with your baby, while helping you understand its non-verbal communication signs.
Babies usually develop colics between the second and fourth week of life. When this happens, they cry inconsolably, stretching or curling their feet and letting out gases. They may have regular crying fits that worsen in the early afternoon.
Îmbăierea - Κεντρική Εικόνα
Your baby needs bathing each day, from the first moment of its life.
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