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Now that “you are carrying the most precious cargo in your life”, is the most suitable time to put the foundations for the beginning of an extraordinary process of evolution! However, if you still feel perplexed, worried and wonder about what is allowed and what is not during the pregnancy period,...
Congratulations! You are pregnant. It is an exciting time in your life. Along with the joy and anticipation for bringing your baby in the world, you may find that pregnancy includes some not so pleasant experiences, such as morning sickness, stretch marks or light incontinence. Below, you will find...
With the birth of your baby and your return home, your whole life changes; the feelings of affection and love will be so strong that you will feel the happiest woman in the world.
Εγκυμοσύνη και Αυτοεκτίμηση
Pregnancy brings about tremendous changes in the body of the pregnant woman. These are not only hormonal changes but also visible ones, since the body is changing in a spectacular way.
Τσάντα Μαιευτηρίου
The big day is coming and you should do all the necessary arrangements so as to minimize the stress of the moment your baby will come. Being ready to leave for maternity, with all the things you are going to need for you and your baby, will help you stay calm.
How to create the room of your child!
Η προίκα του μωρού
You will soon realise that the nursery closet will be as full as yours. You should arrange for all the immediate essentials for your baby, before birth. It is certain that your time after birth will be precious and rather limited for shopping. You can start this very pleasant shopping experience of...
Οι Μέρες Πλησιάζουν
You won’t believe how quickly the time will pass and the time to give birth will come! Take advantage of the time you have left, with the best possible way to help you also with the anxiety of the big moment. Do things that will help you relax, feel beautiful and calm. You can also get ready for...
4η Εβδομάδα
LET'S GET MEASURED! Size of baby: 0.36 to 1 mm Congratulations on the 4th week of your pregnancy! To be honest, no more than 2 weeks of actual pregnancy time have passed from the time that the... "winning" sperm of your loved one, defeated 350,000,000 competitors to meet the love of its life, that...
5η Εβδομάδα
LET'S GET MEASURED! Size of baby: 1.25 mm Have you realized your pregnancy yet or still not? Because deep inside your uterus, the foetus grows at a furious pace! Now, it consists of three layers, the ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm, which later will create all the organs and tissues. The neural...